Taste the Magic

Why Saccha Coffee?

The innovative coffee stick that cares!

Saccha Coffee is an all in one coffee mix stick for everyone, especially those who are concerned for their diet, diabetes, and even tooth cavity. It is zero sugar, zero cholestrol, and low calorie. We take pride in using high quality ingredients. Even more, you will enjoy the magically rich and sweet flavor.

    Easy and quick! Turns any place into a cafe

    Enjoy this all in one coffee stick mix everywhere, anytime. Made with the best coffee beans, first grade milk, and zero sugar sweetener, Saccha Coffee provides a quality cup of coffee right to your home, office, indoor gathering or outdoor adventure like hiking and camping. Simply mix one Saccha coffee mix stick with 3 to 4 ounces of hot water. Then sit back and enjoy the aroma after your long day. Sprinkle with ice when you want to cheers yourself in between your work. It is that quick and easy. You'll love the taste without risking your health.