About Us

Preserving a Legacy

Saccha coffee is created by our CEO Julie Kim's father Mr. Dong Gil Kim, a renowned chemist and a chairman of the global chemical dying company, KISCO, for over 50 years in South Korea. After Mr. Kim took over the Saccharine company, JMC, in 2004, he started his research on Saccharine. He found many health benefits. From then on, he has been working as a pioneer of saccharine being added to food and drinks. He quickly became known as the Saccharine Preacher. Julie, the youngest child in the family, admired her father's never ending passion and good will towards providing quality taste at an affordable price. She then established Saccha coffee in Los Angeles, California, and it has been by approved by FDA. Julie understands the true essence of the company lies not just in its exceptional products but in creating a lasting quality lifestyle with a focus on overall health. Saccha coffee truly cares about people!

Our Mission

Better Health, Better Quality of life!

Our goal is to uphold and build upon Mr. Dong Gil Kim's passion of giving peace of mind to people when consuming sweet foods. Whether managing diabetes, obesity, or simply prioritizing health, Saccha Coffee will be your best buddy!